Response to Intervention

I would like to review the process of Response to Intervention (RTI).  This process has been set up by
 the Texas Education Agency in order to help your child get educational assistance in certain areas that he or she may be struggling in.  The procedure for SPEECH SERVCICES at WHITE OAK ISD is to be first identified as needing help in speech.  This process will consist of the speech therapist, the parent and the students classroom teacher all completing an individual screening tool to show the problem area.  The second step will consist of these screens being reviewed by the RTI committee.   If the RTI committee identifies the student as having an area of concern affecting his or her speech and impairing the students education the third step of the process will begin.  This process will consist of the speech therapist giving the teacher and the parent handouts that will help improve the students speech.  The speech therapist will also assist the student in 1 on 1 interventions for 6 weeks.  Upon the completion of 6 weeks the forth step will consist of the RTI committee reviewing the students progress.  If their was not any progress achieved the student may be referred for a formal speech therapy assessment.  If a minimal amount of progress was achieved the student will continue in the RTI process and be reviewed at the end of the next 6 weeks.  This final step will be completed until the student has either achieved his goals and no longer requires any speech assistance or the student is no longer achieving any progress and will therefore be referred for a formal speech therapy evaluation.   This entire process will help assist WHITE OAK ISD in keeping their students from being pulled out of the classroom as much as possible!


Goodmorning from your Speech Therapist. I am so glad to be back with all of my speech students. I would like to take this chance to welcome each of you to my blog. I will be posting helpful speech therapy tips that you may practice at home along with updates on what we are working on in our sessions. Stay tuned for more information.